1/2 MS+B5

From ActinoBase


Per Litre:

  • 2.205 MS Salts and Gamborg B5 Vitamins (Duchefa M0231)
  • 1 L ddH2O
  • 5M KOH
  • Bacto Agar


  1. Dissolve 2.2g MS Salts + Gamborg B5 Vitamin mix in 950ml ddH2O
  2. Adjust pH to 6.7 with 5M KOH
  3. Make up to final volume with water (for 1L, add the remaining ≈50ml ddH2O)
  4. Divide into batches (in bottles containing Bacto Agar if required)
  5. Autoclave until golden brown

For solid media: Add 12 g Bacto Agar