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ActinoBase: a Streptomyces Community Wiki

ActinoBase was conceived at the 2019 Microbiology Society meeting in Belfast and then created by Streptomyces researchers as an online companion to the Practical Streptomyces Genetics book published by the John Innes Centre in 2000. This book is commonly referred to as the Streptomyces bible and is still a valuable reference to have in the lab if you can get hold of copy. However, it was written at a time when next generation sequencing wasn't generally available to researchers for techniques such as ChIP- and RNA-seq and before the age of precise genome editing using tools such as CRISPR/Cas9. By creating a wiki that can be edited and updated by the community we can all share up to date protocols, recipes and know-hoe for working with these complex and important bacteria.

Follow us on twitter @ActinoBase or join the discussion via #ActinoBase to keep up to date with the our progress. If you have any questions or requests you can email the ActinoBase committee overseeing the construction of this website at