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ActinoBase: a Streptomyces Community Wiki

ActinoBase is a community resource, available to anyone interested studying Actinobacteria! This wiki is being created by the community and for the community to share knowledge and resources pertaining to the study of filamentous actinomycetes such as Streptomyces.

When complete, ActinoBase will provide media recipes, experimental protocols, plasmid maps and links to other useful resources. This database will be curated by the Streptomyces scientific community to ensure this resource is accurate and up to date. We hope ActinoBase will not only mediate the sharing of scientific resources amongst the existing Streptomyces community, but make accessible invaluable resources for those looking to begin studying the biology of Actinobacteria. Streptomyces bacteria have the potential to contribute solutions to global issues such as antibiotic resistance & food security through their prolific production of antibiotics and relationships with plant roots. This makes Streptomyces biology an important system to study as we seek to address these issues.

Over the coming months we will be redesigning the site layout and adding useful content, please follow us on twitter @ActinoBase or join the discussion via #ActinoBase to keep up to date with the our progresses! If you have any questions or requests you can email the ActinoBase committee overseeing the construction of this website at

Updated- 30.05.2019

Useful external links.

Recipes for buffers and growth media:

Media recipes

Protocols for purifying nucleic acids:

RNA preps

DNA preps

Organism profiles:


Protocols for cloning:

Bioinformatic resources:

Genome mining tools

Protein & peptide analysis