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YEME Medium


Per litre:

  • 3g Yeast Extract
  • 3g Malt Extract (Oxoid)
  • 5g Peptone
  • 10g Glucose
  • 340 g sucrose (34% final concentration)
  • Up to 1L dH2O


  1. Add 3g Yeast Extract, 3g Malt Extract, 5g Peptone and 10g Glucose to a beaker
  2. Add 800ml dH2O and stir until all solids are fully suspended
  3. Make up to 1L with dH2O
  4. Autoclave
  5. After autoclaving, add 2mL MgCl2*6H2O (2.5M) - (5mM final concentration)
  6. For preparing protoplasts, also add 25mL 20% glycine (0.5% final concentration)




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