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If you use this wiki for your research please cite: Feeney et al (2022). ActinoBase: tools and protocols for researchers working on Streptomyces and other filamentous actinobacteria. Microbial Genomics. 8:1-11. Help us help the community by spreading the word!

For a free download of the Practical Streptomyces Genetics manual, aka the Streptomyces bible, (Kieser, Bibb, Buttner, Chater and Hopwood, 2000) please click this link:

ActinoBase was created by the community to share knowledge and resources pertaining to the study of actinobacteria such as Streptomyces species. It is supported by the UK Microbiology Society and the international community which meets every three years for the International Symposium on the Biology of Actinomycetes (ISBA). Follow @ISBA2017 for updates on the next meeting.

ActinoBase provides media recipes, experimental protocols, plasmid maps and links to other useful online tools. It will be curated by Streptomyces researchers from around the world to ensure it is accurate and up to date. ActinoBase will enable us to share scientific resources within the existing community and also help those who want to study the biology of these bacteria. Streptomyces species contribute solutions to global issues such as antibiotic resistance and food security through their prolific production of antibiotics and their beneficial relationships with plant roots. This makes Streptomyces biology an important system to study as we seek to address the global challenges of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and food security.

Follow us on twitter @ActinoBase or join the discussion via #ActinoBase to keep up to date with the our progress. If you have any questions or requests you can email the ActinoBase committee overseeing the construction of this website at

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