Consumables for Southern Blotting

From ActinoBase

Roche provides a DIG DNA Labelling and Detection Kit that contains: blocking reagent, Anti-DIG-AP conjugate, Hexanucleotide Mix, DIG DNA Labelling Mix, Klenow Enzyme and NBT/BCIP solution. Otherwise, the components can be purchased separately.

Item Recommended Supplier Usage Storage
General Hybond N+ membrane (rolls) GE Healthcare ̴ 20 blots RT
Whatman paper VWR or Fisher ̴ 100 blots RT
Blocking reagent Roche ̴ 25 blots 4°C
Anti-DIG-AP conjugate Roche ̴ 60 reactions -20°C
To label probe Either: Hexanucleotide Mix + DIG DNA Labelling Mix +Klenow Enzyme Roche 25 to 50 reactions -20°C
Or: PCR DIG labelling mix + PCR components Roche 100 reactions -20°C
For detection Either: NBT/BCIP tablets Roche 10-20 blots 4°C
Or: NBT/BCIP solution Roche -20°C

Also required:

    • Ammonium acetate
    • EDTA
    • HCl concetrated
    • Maleic acid
    • N-laurylsarcosine
    • NaCl
    • Sodium Citrate
    • SDS
    • NaOH
    • Tris Base
    • Tween-20