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ActinoBase Genome Browser

Click the link below for the ActinoBase MORF Genome Browser, with antiSMASH integration. This tool has been kindly provided to ActinoBase by Prof. Gavin Thomas and Dr. Victoria Springthorpe at the University of York.

Currently we have the genomes for the following actinomycetes listed. If you have an actinomycete genome you would like to see added, please don't hesitate to contact us (see Admin contact page) and ask!

Link - MORF Genome Browser

Using the browser you can see the location of every single gene along the genome, along with useful statistics such as the genome size and number of plasmids (if any). You can also browse the antiSMASH output the genome, and see which genes are contained within the putative biosynthetic gene clusters. Please feel free to contact us (Admin contact page) with any feedback or feature suggestions!