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International Streptomyces Project-2 Medium (ISP-2)

ISP-2 is a rich medium that is routinely used for cultivating Streptomyces lydicus along with various other plant root associated strains. It contains malt extract and yeast extract, with dextrose as a carbon source; exact composition will vary between batches.

Many Streptomyces spp. grow well on ISP-2, but developmental and/or antibiotic production phenotypes may differ compared to growth on other media (e.g. SFM).


Per Litre:

  • 4 g Yeast extract powder
  • 10 g Malt extract powder
  • 4 g Dextrose
  • 20 g Agar
  • 1 L dH2O


  1. For solid medium, add 2g of Agar to each flask
  2. Add the rest of the components to a beaker with the dH2O
  3. Add 100ml to each flask
  4. Autoclave



For growth in liquid culture, ISP-2 can be made without the agar.