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Integrative vector is for general use in Streptomyces. For example, producing marked strains for re-isolation experiments, or gene expression, over expression, or complementation. This vector can be replicated within Escherichia coli for cloning, upon transformation into Streptomyces via Tri-parental mating this vector will integrate into the genome at the ΦBT1 attB site.


  • Kanamycin resistance gene
  • ΦBT1 attB phage integration site and integrase
  • Multiple cloning site
  • Origin of conjugative transfer (oriT)
  • Origin of replication for E. coli (pBR322oriF)


Backbone vector pSET152 was modified to replace the ΦC31 integrative machinery with the ΦBT1 integrative machinery by Maggie Smiths group, published in 20031.


PRT802 Map.png

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