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Yeast Peptone Dextrose

Yeast Peptone Dextrose (YPD) medium is composed of Yeast Peptone medium (YP) with the addition of dextrose (D-glucose). YPD is a general medium used for the cultivation of fungal species and investigating Streptomyces exploration [1].


Per Litre:

  • 10g yeast extract
  • 20g bacto-peptone
  • 20g Agar
  • 1L with dH20 water

20% dextrose:

  • 20g dextrose
  • 100ml dH20
  • Filter sterilise


  1. Dissolve 10g yeast extract and 20g bacto-peptone in 1L dH20 making YP solution
  2. Add 2g agar to each 250mL flask
  3. Add 100mL YP solution to each flask
  4. Autoclave - this makes YP agar
  5. When cool add 10mL 20% dextrose solution to 100mL media


  • Explorer phenotype investigation
  • Fungal cultivation


  • YP has been shown to induce exploration in Streptomyces venezuelae whilst YPD has been shown to repress it unless co-cultivated with certain fungal strains


1. Jones S, Ho L, Rees C, Hill J, Nodwell J, Elliot M. Streptomyces exploration is triggered by fungal interactions and volatile signals. eLife. 2017;6.